Craft Chocolate Makers in America & the World

A questions we get asked regularly is: Who are the craft chocolate makers? Where do they make chocolate? And how can I find them? We want all chocolate lovers to experience good chocolate! So we’ve put together a comprehensive list of Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate Makers in the US, and another list of Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate Makers in the World.

We constantly add new ones as we hear about them, so if you don’t see a craft chocolate maker in your city, I wouldn’t be surprised if one is already in the works! We have put them in a table format so that you can easily search, or sort by city, state, or country. If you know of a chocolate maker not on this list, please get in touch with us!

Favorite Bean to Bar Chocolate Makers?

While America has the most bean to bar chocolate makers, some of the best chocolate makers are across the ocean in the UK, France and all over Europe. So to make these lists less overwhelming, we’ve also put together a short list of Our Favorite Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate Makers. We think these chocolate makers consistently produce the best chocolate in the world.

Of course, just because a chocolate maker isn’t on our short list, doesn’t mean some of them don’t make some incredible bars of chocolate. Knowing about these specific chocolate bars isn’t always easy, which is where Bar & Cocoa comes to the rescue. We keep on top of all chocolate news, Chocolate Awards, and reviews by chocolate experts to bring you the best bars each month. Think of us as your chocolate curator.

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