August 2016 – Amano, Dick Taylor, Raaka and Cao Chocolates

August bean to bar chocolate box

Featured Chocolate Makers

We are pleased to showcase bean to bar chocolate from Amano Chocolate, Dick Taylor, Raaka and Cao Chocolates.

Amano Artisan Chocolate (USA) Guayas, 70% is a bar made from Nacional cacao beans in Ecuador (like Durci last month). The cacao comes from plantations on the Guayas River flood-plain (hence the name) where the trees are old and enormous and the cacao is still pure after so many generations. This is an incredibly smooth bar that fills your mouth with complex flavors. While it is tempting to chew, allowing it to melt will reveal blackberry, molasses, cedar and green banana with a slight tannin finish. This bar recently won Silver at the Academy of Chocolate.

Dick Taylor

Dick Taylor (USA) Belize 72% is a multiple award winning bar crafted in Arcata, California by two best friends who use to build boats.  Besides being one of the most beautiful bars in appearance with amazing letterpress packaging and an intricate, pretty mold, Dick Taylor also pushes the traditional methods of chocolate making to coax the maximum “pure” flavor they can from their beans. This one has an intense dried fruit flavor of plum and apricot. It has a nice firm snap, with bright acidity, and a long finish.

Raaka virgin chocolate

Raaka (USA) Pink Sea Salt 74% is a bar made from a blend of beans from the Domincan Republic and Bolivia. Raaka is one of the few company that does unroasted (or raw), chocolate right. Not roasting the beans presents an interest challenge to chocolate makers and the flavor is a unique departure from traditional methods. On unwrapping this bar you will notice a generous sprinkling of Peruvian sea salt. The combo of the virgin beans and salt creates a flavor palate that hits all parts of your tongue. Salty and sweet, with berry and citrus notes, and a slightly dry bitter finish.

Cao Chocolates (USA) Dominican Republic Bar 70% is one of Cao’s newest bars in their lineup of bars and truffles made fresh in Miami, FL. This bar is made from Fair Trade certified, organic cacao, and has a nice classic smooth flavor with hints of caramel and vanilla.

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