February 2017 – Ranger Chocolate, Soma, Solkiki and Millcreek Cacao

Featured Chocolate Makers

We are pleased to showcase bean to bar chocolate from Ranger Chocolate, Soma, Solkiki and Millcreek Cacao.

Ranger Chocolate (USA) Tumbes 73% is a bright, full bodied chocolate bar made from Peruvian cacao from the northwest coast. Based out of Portland, Oregon the founders of Ranger Chocolate spent a lot of time driving around Peru to source their cacao, and this offering from them is still my favorite for its unique flavor. Anyone who appreciates the fruitiness of a classic Madagascar or Belize bar will find this equally juicy but different. Immediate notes of cherry and raisins, followed by honey, coffee and spicy woody cocoa. A dry but smooth melt, reminding me that Ranger chooses to make their bars from only 2 ingredients, cacao and sugar.

Soma (Canada) Dancing in Your Head 70% is made from a blend of four different cacao bean origins. As the Soma makers put it, “an all in blend that will make your neurons boogie.” You will notice that this is not the first time we have featured a blend. While there is a lot of popularity and focus on single origin bars, blending can produce some seriously well rounded chocolates with amazing mouth-feel, and this bar is no exception. By blending different origins, Soma has produced a bar with layers of flavor and aroma. Cascara vanilla high notes, floral woody walnut mid notes, and a long, smooth finish.

Solkiki (UK) Marañón 68% is a bar made from Nacional cacao from Peru. These particular beans, Fortunato No 4. are considered to be some of the rarest cacao in the world. Makers have said that this bean is one of the hardest to work with because of its delicate floral flavor, but it makes incredible chocolate with the least amount of bitterness. Less than 30 makers worldwide have had the privilege of being able to source this cacao, and we are delighted to be carrying Solkiki’s line of vegan, and dairy free chocolate at our store. This chocolate is beautifully sweet and floral, with flavor notes of black currants, honey, raisins with a light, creamy finish.

Millcreek (USA) Chuno High West Whiskey 78% is made from Chuno cacao from municipalities of El Cuá and Bocay in the Northern mountains of Nicaragua. The beans are aged in charred barrel staves, imparting it with a deep smokey whiskey flavor.

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