Megan Giller’s Top Chocolate Picks Box Notes

We asked Megan Giller, author of Bean to Bar Chocolate America’s Craft Chocolate Revolution to curate a selection of chocolate for us.


Megan Giller chocolateIn this chocolate collection she’s highlighted 6 American chocolate makers. Here are some notes on each of the bars in the box in her own words:

Askinosie Dark Chocolate w/ Crunchy Sugar & Vanilla.

This is one of the first craft chocolate bars I tried, and it convinced me that I needed to taste a lot more of them! I’m still addicted to the crunchy texture and bright burst of sugar and vanilla.

Amano Dos Rios

Chocolate maker Art Pollard’s bars always amaze me: He somehow manages to bring out some strident flavors while still maintaining a perfect balance of flavor, especially in this bright bar with notes reminiscent of bergamot and licorice.

Dick Taylor Madagascar

I always think of Madagascar as the cocoa origin that started the bean-to-bar movement, because it’s the opposite of what we think of as chocolate flavor: bright fruit notes, like raspberries and sometimes even citrus. Dick Taylor’s gorgeous packaging and mold elevate the experience even further.

Dandelion Mantuano Venezuela

I’m a sucker for that classic fudgy, nutty chocolate flavor, and Dandelion delivers with this single-origin bar using cocoa beans from Venezuela. This is a bar I could eat all day…and sometimes do!

Raaka Ghost Pepper

I love this trend of spicy chocolate bars, and this is the perfect way to try ghost pepper without burning off your taste buds. Instead you’ll feel a nice building heat, which lets the flavor notes of these unroasted beans shine through.

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