November 2016 – Zotter, Artisan du Chocolate, Pitch Dark and Solstice

Featured Chocolate Makers

We are pleased to showcase bean to bar chocolate from Zotter, Artisan du Chocolate, Pitch Dark and Solstice.


Zotter (Austria) Labooko Columbia + Madagascar 75% is 2 dark single origin chocolate bars. Zotter writes: a classic 75% cocoa solid content go up against one another. One is made from South American cocoa, the other using Madagascar beans, the best African cocoa there is. Columbia 75% is a dark chocolate made with cocoa from the UN project “cocoa not cocaine” which Zotter has helped realize. Madagascar 75% is made from the very first organic and fair trade cocoa, extremely rare and boasting a sublimely acidic and fruity flavor profile.


Artisan Du Chocolate (United Kingdom) No 1 Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel 68% Can it be true? A dark bar made to taste like a caramel truffle? And not just any truffle – the O.G. of salted caramels as invented by Gerald Coleman and Artisan du Chocolat in 2003. Remember the “cerulean blue sweater” monologue Meryl Streep gives in The Devil Wears Prada? The way salted caramels became adopted by fine chocolatiers and trickled down to all kinds of mass market products is like that cerulean blue. This bar is made with a blend of 3 different Colombian cacao beans, dried caramel and grey salt.

pitch dark chocolate

Pitch Dark (USA) Rugoso 80% is a single origin bar is made from Rugoso trinitario beans from Nicaragua. Fruity and rich, the 80% dark chocolate leaves your mouth coated in a deep chocolate reminiscent of a fudgey brownie. Strong notes of strawberry and ripe plum with a long finish.

solstice chocolate

Solstice Chocolate (USA) Uganda 70% is the first chocolate bar we’ve featured with cacao from Uganda. The flavor of this bar surprised me with its low acidity, indicating that this isn’t a simple forasterobean, but likely mixed in with some criollo grown on the estate. It tastes earthy and woody with hints of fig and blackberry. The overall chocolate taste reminds me of Original Bean’s Cru Virunga that we have featured some time back, with a distinct bitterness not found outside of this region.

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