October 2016 – Willie’s Cacao, Fresco, Askinosie, Vintage Plantations

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Featured Chocolate Makers

We are pleased to showcase bean to bar chocolate from Willie’s Cacao, Fresco, Askinosie, and Vintage Plantations.

willies cacao

Willie’s Cacao (UK) Sambirano Gold 71% is a pure single origin bar made with beans from the Sambirano valley. As with other bars made from Madagascar cacao, this is a fruity, jammy bar that reminds even the uninitiated that there is something truly different and special about chocolate crafted from superior beans. If you’re a new subscriber, start with this bar, and for those who have been with us a while, this will feel like a familiar old song covered by another chocolate maker.

fresco chocolate

Fresco (USA) Papua New Guinea 221 69% is a bold tropical chocolate made from cacao from the Markham River Valley in eastern Papua New Guinea; home to some of the most unique cacao in the word. The dark roast brings out notes of caramelized brown sugar and roasted nuts leaving the cacao’s characteristic sharp fruity nature to emerge at the end. The founder of Fresco, Rob Anderson, releases several combinations of roasting and conch profiles for the beans he sources to showcase how it can affect taste.


Askinosie (USA) Dark Chocolate + Malted Milk 60% is a single origin Tanzanian bar with malted milk and sugar. The addition of malt was inspired by their friends at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream and their intensely creamy ice cream. While this bar might border on being too sweet for some of our dark chocolate lovers, we found this bar too irresistible not to share. It has an old school barley flavor with notes of vanilla and strawberry and a lasting creamy, smooth finish. It also doesn’t hurt that with Askinosie’s mission this bar supports direct trade, and women-run social enterprise in Tanzania.

Vintage Plantations (USA) Dark Chocolate 90% is a blend of 80% Guatemalan cocoa with 10% Peruvian to brighten the taste. It is a deep dark chocolate, with a round and long nutty finish, with a little acidity. Vintage Plantations was founded by Pierrick Chouard and Allan Suarez, chocoholics who where disappointed by the quality of mass-produced chocolate and concerned by the disappearance of the small cocoa farmers. Vintage Plantations carries the Rainforest Alliance certification and protects heirloom cocoa varieties, while also encouraging new sustainable cultivation methods that preserve the rain forest.

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