September 2016 – Nova, ChocXO, Soma & KTO

Featured Chocolate Makers

We are pleased to showcase bean to bar chocolate from Nova, ChocXO, Soma Chocolatemaker and KTO.

Nova Chocolate (USA) Nicaragua/Ecuador 75% is a blended bar combining two bold Nacional varieties from different farms. The best of two worlds, it is simple, sustainable and delicious. The Nicaragua single origin is commonly described as “bold, round, earthy, rich, fudge like” while the Ecuador is “Brighter, floral notes, citrus notes.” This makes the 75% a excellent balanced combination of the two. Nova Craft Chocolate is based in Lafayette, Colorado near Denver.


ChocXO (USA) Ecuador 72% is a multiple award winning bar and a relative newcomer in bean to bar chocolate. The Canadian born founder Richard Foley has been crafting chocolate in Irvine, CA and Vancouver, BC for almost 2 years. The single origin collection represents some of the best sources of cacao from Ecuador and Peru. This bar is made from exceptional beans from Camino Verde in Ecuador, which has garnered multiple chocolate makers many awards, making it very clear that all good chocolate must start with good raw ingredients. This bar is a smooth balanced bar that is both heavily floral and fudge/brownie like.

Soma (Canada) Black Science Peru 70% is a bar made from extremely rare, pure, delicate Maranon Nacional beans. I have a soft spot for Soma partly because they were one of the first chocolate makers I visited, but mainly because of this bar. It’s pricey, but so uniquely good, that I had to find a way to fit it into our subscription box at any cost. This bar from Soma is perfectly smooth with a lingering caramel sweetness. The bar is fruity, floral, nutty, malty; the cacao perfectly roasted to bring out the bouquet of chocolate aroma and flavors. Soma somehow finds that narrow space between being too flat or burnt, so nicely balanced. It’s no surprise that this bar has also won multiple awards internationally.

KTO chocolate

KTO Chocolate (USA) Dominican Republic Bar 70% is a pure 100% organic Trinitario cacao from the Elvasia region of Dominican Republic. We featured this bar by KTO in January, and when we came back to Millford this month, he suggested making the same bars given his current offerings. As usual, his bars are purely cacao and sugar – no dairy, no soy, no additives. This batch of bars was made fresh, specially for our Bar & Cocoa subscribers.

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