The Craft Chocolate Revolution

While I may be relatively new to craft chocolate, and specifically to the bean to bar variety, the impact it has had on my understanding of chocolate (and on my taste buds) has been life changing. This video below echoes the feelings I went through, and why I was inspired to start Bar & Cocoa. My first bean to bar chocolate was Ritual Chocolate. The first time I ate a piece, I stared at the wrapper, amazed. How could chocolate taste so fruity and citrusy? And with so little sugar?

“This chocolate bar just had two ingredients, 70% beans, 30% sugar, and nothing else. So I snapped off a couple of squares, popped them in my mouth. And a few moments later, a party started.” – Gabe Davidson

In this TED talk Gabe, the founder of Wellington Chocolate Factory, has the audience experience pure bean chocolate, and describes the shortage the cocoa industry is facing. Which brings me to my second reason for starting Bar & Cocoa. We want to encourage people to not only eat delicious real chocolate, but also support those craft chocolate makers who are making chocolate ethically. Respect for the cocoa industry, the family farmers, and practicing fair/direct trade is just as important.

Here at Bar & Cocoa we’re a couple bootstrapped founders with dreams of sharing our passion for good chocolate with others, and thereby allowing us to go deeper on this chocolate journey. We’ll blog about chocolate bar tastings, chocolate factory and farm tours, chocolate festivals, and anything about good chocolate!

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