Cacao Farm Finca La Amistad in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has an incredibly diverse ecology. A couple hours on some bumpy roads can take you from the beaches, deep into the jungle, to a cloud forest, and then some volcanoes. Every morning I wake up to a cacophony of birds and the occasional howler monkey. Every day when I inevitably find an ant […]

October 2015 – Michel Cluizel, Dick Taylor, Valrhona, Black Mountain

Featured Chocolate Makers We are pleased to showcase bean to bar chocolate from Michel Cluizel, Dick Taylor, Valrhona, and Black Mountain. These bars showcase the Trinitario bean variety. Each maker's process, and bean origin make create different taste profiles. . Michel Cluizel (France) Los Acones 67% is considered one of the masterpiece chocolates [...]

Varieties of Cocoa Beans

No discussion of good chocolate can be complete without delving into the origin of the fruit, and its varieties. A good chocolate maker, like any maker of good wine or coffee, pays attention to the raw beans being used to produce chocolate. More than 80% of the world’s chocolate comes from low quality bulk beans […]